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De Luxe Draft Beer Towers

Energetic tubular De Luxe beer towers. SSteel polished or brushed, PVD gold finish. Body diameters range from 4-1/2"O.D., 5"O.D. to 6". Material is high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, satin brushed, polished or PVD tarnish free gold.

Elbow beer towers:

Elbe, Rhein, Donau offer unlimited configurations and dozens of faucets.

Elbe 12 Draft Beer Tower Elbe 16 faucets elbow tower 4-1/2"O.D. Polished, chrome plated rings with 6 pairs of nuts each.

Donau 5 Draft Beer Tower Donau 3 beers plus two juices, elbow tower, 4-1/2"O.D. Polished, PVD gold finish.

Rhein 3 Draft Beer Tower Rhein 3 faucets elbow tower 4-1/2"O.D. Fine brushed finish.

Arch beer towers:

Lucky Seven, Florenz, Horn and Longhorn offer from 2 to 16 faucets.

Lucky Seven 7 Draft Beer Tower Lucky Seven, 7 faucets, polished finish.

Longhorn 10 Draft Beer Tower Longhorn 10 faucets, 60 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.

Horn 3 Draft Beer Tower Horn 3 faucets, 60 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.

Phase 3 Draft Beer Tower Phase 3 faucets, 90 degrees elbow tower, 4-1/4”O.D.