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Individual Draft Beer Towers

Individual draft beer towers: Old Dutch, Pirate's Cannon, Brewing vat... Absolutely No limits in this category! All materials, new and old ideas mixed into unique towers to really help create the atmosphere you are aiming to achive in your bar. Let your imagination run wild.

Old Dutch 8 Brass Draft Beer Tower

Old Dutch 8 Red Draft Beer Tower

Old Dutch: Fine brushed brass finish, old bronze PVD colored faucets to match the color of the tower. Over 60lbs. of solid brass! Unlimited configurations and dozens of faucets possible. Woodman Lodge, Washington, USA

Cannon 12 Copper Draft Beer Tower Cannon beer tower, 7 faucets. Fine brushed copper, polished brass parts. 6,4"O.D. body. Bar "Captain Hook" Austria

Brau 5 Copper Draft Beer Tower Brau Small 3 Copper Draft Beer Tower Brau beer tower, 6 and 4 faucets. Shaped like copper brewing kettles. Brushed and polished finish.

Elbe 12 Hanging Draft Beer Tower Elbe hanging tower, 12 faucets. 8' long arms.

Tower 6 Draft Beer Tower Pulsar 5 Draft Beer Tower Tower 6faucets. Brushed SSteell, 10' tall. Vertical body 8"O.D., horizontal arm 6"O.D. Pulsar Tower variant 5 faucets. Brushed stainless steell, 7' tall.

Beck 6 Draft Beer Tower Sample Tower for a German brewery BECK & CO.

C 4 Draft Beer Tower C tower 4 faucets. Brushed stainless steell.

Cactus 3 Draft Beer Tower Cactus tower 3 faucets. Brushed stainless steell, painted with transparent green paint.

T Tower 5 Draft Beer Tower T tower 5 faucets. Brass polished and chrome plated.