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To have that perfect beer tower installed and functioning properly for a long time to come, only the best materials are used:
- AISI 304 SSteel is used for all SSteel parts as well as all nut and bolts.
- High quality German copper & brass plate and tubing for copper towers.
- Hard durable porcelain instead brittle ceramics.

All towers are glycol ready:
To draw really cold beer the whole system must be kept cold. Our special coolling system keeps it at low temperature with recirculating glycool-water mixture at 28deg F. It prevents beer foaming and growth of yeast and bacteria.
The faucet is condensing from being at 33degF (1 deg C)

Porcelain Draft Beer Tower

Our user friendly products have no sharp edges on towers or driptrays.
This are pictures taken from the insides of drip trays of two of the leading producers. The first one on the right is ours - all edges that personnel comes into contact with, are carefully deburred. The second from the left has some nasty needles in the finger hole, third has sharp edges.

Driptray Driptray Driptray

We use INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH PORCELAIN for maximum strength and resistance to chipping, beacause it has three times the strength of standard ceramics everybody else uses.
Movie showing the difference between ceramics and porcelain. You can scratch ceramics easily, but porcelain will resist even tempered steel. Both have been on the countertop for about the same amount of time and ceramics shows little nicks where hit with heavy glasses, but porcelain is like new.

Truck parked on porcelain tower cap!