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Multi Drinks Draft Beer Towers

New hospitality trend is tap wine and our towers can be easily adapted for wine dispense. Separate temperature zones are provided for white and red wines. Taller towers allow use of standard bottles. Bag-in-box juice faucets or PostMix faucets can be added as well. All this gives owner an unprecedented flexibility in drinks dispense. Here are some towers that were produced for our customers.

Pulsar Beer and Juice Tower

Pulsar tower with 2 beer faucets and 7 PostMix dispense heads.

Double porcelain T tower, with hand-painted porcelain columns. Four beer taps, six PostMix heads and three wine outlets in the middle. Everything controlled and metered with electronic terminal.

Tee Beer and Juice Tower Metal T tower with acompany green leg with 4 beer faucets and 4 juice faucets.

Elbow PostMix Tower

 Tee PostMix Tower

Small T and Elbow tower with 4 PostMix heads.

Eta Wine Tower Eta tower with 6 wines on tap. Leg is extra tall to allow use of standard bottles.